Statistics Guide

Here are the links to all of my best content on statistics

  1. Introduction and Recommendation on how to learn this material
  2. The Normal Curve
    • This is “How is data distributed in real life?”
  3. Hypothesis Testing – Aka Statistical Significance
    • This is “How do you know if some observed difference is a systematic effect or just random noise?”
  4. Permutations / Combinations
    • This is “How many different ways can we reorder this set of data?”
  5. Bayes Theorem
    • This is “I had an estimate of some probability, now I got more data, how does that probability change?”
  6. Metrics – R2, Mean Squared Error, Mean Absolute Error, etc.
    • This is “So you have a process/equation to simulate some data that you collected.  How can you measure if your simulation is any good?”
  7. Linear Regression / Correlation
    • This is “You have a bunch of data, please give me a simple equation to simulate that data”
  8. Sampling